'Take The Lead' with Studio Growth Coach, Jane Grech

Video #3 in this 5-part series is all about making the transition from ‘buddy’ to ‘boss’ in your dance studio. This is something that comes up frequently in the DSOA where studio owners are conflicted when professional relationships blend with friendships and sometimes family.

In this installment, Studio Growth Coach and Leadership Expert, Jane Grech and Clint discuss:

  • Dealing with conflicts and presenting negative feedback to team members who you also consider “friends’’
  • Social media - the do’s and don’ts that will save your sanity and set boundaries to protect you and your team
  • Your ideal application, training, and hiring process that takes into consideration friendships and existing relationships in the studioJane also opens up candidly about the friendships she has built with her team, as well as the joys (and challenges) of working with her husband.