'Take The Lead' - with Studio Growth Coach, Jane Grech

Video #4 in this 5-part series is a huge passion for both Jane and Clint, as they have both seen first-hand the positive impact that regular and varied professional development can have on your studio - not just for you, but for your entire faculty.

In this training, Jane and Clint dig in deep when it comes to:

  • The types of professional development you can facilitate for your team to help them grow and thrive in their role
  • How much you can be expected to invest in further training and upskilling your staff, as well as the return on investment for your business
  • Framing and presenting training to your staff as both mandatory and beneficial to them, and how to overcome objections that may ariseJane also gives us an inside look at her own studio’s professional development sessions that is a huge eye-opener - you’ll be re-watching this one to make sure you don’t miss a word!