Week #1 - The Customer Journey In Your Dance Studio, with Noah Fleming

The first week of our ‘Dance Studio WOW Factor’ training inside the DSOA, you’ll be working alongside Clint and Noah to set solid plans and goals around:

  • What the ‘customer journey’ means to your studio, and why is this so important.
  • How you and your team can put yourselves in the shoes of your customers to assess the most impactful strengths / weaknesses to work on.
  • The importance of customer experiences during each and every stage of interaction with your studio. (We’ll uncover what these stages are, and how they differ and impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty).
  • How you can stay ahead of the curve by predicting the high and low points of a customer journey, and have strategies in place to work around these.

We also discuss in depth the role that customer feedback plays, and how YOU can execute a successful feedback strategy.

Week Two: Attracting And Retaining Your Ideal Dance Customers, with Noah Fleming

In this week of our Dance Studio WOW Factor training series, Noah and Clint will give you first-hand insights that will set you up for success when it comes to filling your studio with people who are a perfect fit, including:

  • How your customer acquisition and retention strategies need to differ so you can ‘get’ and ‘keep’ the right dancers (and their families).
  • How your studio’s customer experience should be prioritized in order to convert your enquiries to trials, and trials to enrolled students.
  • A deep-dive into the concepts of “peak pleasure” and “peak pain” for your customers, and what this means for your studio’s marketing and retention goals.

Noah and Clint also unlock their best low-cost but high-impact retention strategies that DSOA members should be adopting.